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You will never have to worry about getting realistic databases for dev, test and CICD again.

Virtualize Me

aka vME - Data Virtualization for DevOps


Helping organizations avoid data sprawl & quickly deploy databases so your teams can develop, test, and deliver software faster.


Become a Data Cloner


What is vME?

vME, pronounced /’vi:mi/, is a database management solution using containerization & cloning technology. A solution that lets you “economically” spin up dev, test and “full” production databases in seconds & circumvents traditionaly slow data operations & storage issues.


Did you know that every application has between five and ten test environments. For example: System Test, System Integration, User Acceptance, Staging and Production Support. This can increase further if we include the needs of development teams and individual developers. Data virtualization technology enables the cloning and sharing of data across different environments. A method that reduces the total footprint by x10 and speed by x100.

Supported Databases

Our vME appliance manages the database servers through containers and the underlying data at the file system block level. Simply put, that means our underlying engine is 100% database or file type agnostic.

In Version 1.0, VME suppports  MariaDB, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Files & Directories. With future releases intended to include other popular choices like Couchbase, DB2 & Oracle.


Accelerates your data deployment.

vME allows you to deploy databases in seconds.

Reduces storage requirements.

vME databases are tiny (in MBs not TBs).

Promotes Data DevOps as code.

Codifieable & DevOps-able through easy to use CLI & APIs.

Prevent Data Loss.

Our architecture ensures data stays on-premise or inside your private clouds.

Better environment housekeeping.

Easily provision & decomission unused environments.

Improve productivity.

No disruption! Spin up databases to support individual or team activities.

Supported Data & Databases

More to come in Q4 2022. Including Couchbase, DB2 & Oracle.

x Smaller

x Faster

x Disruption

Easy To Use

vME is an easy to use appliance that can be described in 3 simple steps:

  1. Use vME to Spin up a DB Server Images
  2. Ingest the Data
  3. Provision Tiny DB Clones to your DevTest community.

This can be done via

  • the vME Micro Web,
  • the vME Rest-API or
  • the vME CLI (Command Line Interface).

You choose.

What is Data Cloning?

Data cloning is the creation of copies of data using virtualization methods. Cloning allows for rapid provisioning of data into development, test, and production support environments.

Clones are typically created on an ad-hoc basis as needed and can be quickly disposed of when no longer required. This helps keep development and test environments clean and tidy and makes it easier to track down the source of any issues that may arise. Cloning also has the added benefit of being relatively low cost due to its nominal storage and support architecture.

Clones are also suitable for integration into your existing CICD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) framework, thus filling traditional gaps in your Data DevOps or DataOps architecture.

What are Containers?

Containerization is the process of packaging an application into a container. In our case it is to manage the Database Applications e.g. MariaDB, Mongo, MSSQL or MYSQL.

Containers are stand-alone, executable components that include the application source code, as well as the operating system (OS) libraries and dependencies required to run that code in any environment. This makes it easy to deploy and run applications in any environment, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Docker, used by VME, is a popular tool for containerization. It provides an easy way to package and deploy applications in containers. Docker containers can be used in the development, test, and production environments.


“It is like Delphix for Developers”

Head of Non Production Environments, Global Bank

“Finally a Data Virtualization Solution for the DevOps community!”  

Head of Data, Major Retailer

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